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Jay C. Ripps, F.S.A., M.A.A.A. was an actuary with the accounting firm Arthur Andersen LLP, and is considered an Industry Expert for the Defense.


Jay C. Ripps holds a B.A. in mathematics from Princeton University and is Consulting Actuary and Director in the Arthur Andersen LLP Actuarial Services group. Mr. Ripps is an expert in group health plans, having participated in devising such plans to health care providers, insurers, corporate buyers, and regulatory bodies with particular emphasis on managed care. He can testify that the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration's employees' group health plan could have reduced payments and expenses, relative to smoking, by incorporating into the plan features adopted by other group plans. He can discuss how participants in a group plan with fixed premiums cross-subsidize one another's insurance and how this effects plaintiffs' theory of recovery.

Jay Ripps served as a defense expert in the Mississippi case.(Source: Mississippi Expert Disclosure.)

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