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Professor Jeffrey N Wasserstrom, "University of California, Irvine, is a leading figure in the field of modern Chinese history, and like his colleague Kenneth Pomeranz, is a pioneer in developing comparative and global approaches to Chinese urban history. He is a prolific publisher who writes for both academic and non-specialist audiences, and is a frequent contributor to a major new online resource 'The China Beat: Blogging how the East is Read'. He is also the editor for the Journal of Asian Studies, the premier journal in that field. His most recent work includes the monograph Global Shanghai 1850-2010: A History in Fragments, which explores themes that are of interest not only to members of the History Department, but will also attract scholars from Politics and International Studies and the Centre for Globalisation and Regionalisation. In this work he investigates the moments in Shanghai’s history in which the metropolis engaged with global forces, providing an important corrective to work on the post-modern global cities which do not pay enough attention to the global past. He has also recently published a textbook for undergraduates that situates modern China in a global context, China’s Brave New World-And Other Tales for Global Times." [1]

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