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Jennie Bristow is a member of the libertarian LM group. Commisioning editor of Spiked Online, she has also written for Living Marxism and Novo, its German sister publication.

In 2002, an essay by Bristow on the decline in marriage was published with responses from other writers by the Institute of Ideas. The book was edited by Claire Fox.

Published Works

Jennie Bristow, main essay, Maybe I Do: Marriage and Commitment in Singleton Society, Institute of Ideas, 2002

"The decline in marriage, and the discussion about this trend, does not only reflect its contemporary irrelevance as a traditional institution. It also indicates a broader ambivalence about intimate relationships, contemporary attitudes to long-term commitment, and what we expect from each other and ourselves."
"There is no room in intimate relationships for agony-aunts, policy-makers or any other third party. This is what terrifies all those who want to reduce the supposed risks of love. But if they want to avoid poisoning this most human of experiences, they need to back off. When it comes to romance, the last thing people need is realism; when it comes to sex, the last thing people need is three-in-a-bed. And when it comes to private, personal relationships, the last thing people should be encouraged to do is to 'talk about it'." [1]