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"After quickly becoming a member of leadership at Harnett’s and gaining a deep understanding of retail excellence (from Anthony Harnett, founder of Bread & Circus), product knowledge and alternative healthcare, Jeremiah decided to move to the mecca of the NHF world, Boulder CO to further his education and career. In late 1997, he joined the Whole Foods Market team and assisted in the most successful new store launch in Whole Foods Market history. Recognized as a valued member of leadership at the Boulder WFM store, and 1998 All*Star award recipient, Jeremiah also traveled the Southwest Region opening other stores and training Whole Body teams on retail standards, product knowledge and operational efficiencies. After spending six years in retail leadership, Jeremiah was ready for a new challenge…So in early 2000 he joined the Whole Foods Market private label team with the charge of turning a struggling business around. During his first year, that goal was immediately realized as he helped increase consumer brand recognition and loyalty, teammember support and confidence, and bottom line performance. (Sales increase of 22.5%, profitability increased 112%!)

"In 2001, Jeremiah worked diligently while transitioning the Whole Foods Private Label manufacturing to the cGMP certified Arizona Nutritional Supplements, building & establishing the WFM-365 brands as the benchmark of quality in the industry, and maintaining consumer and employee loyalty, all the while watching the sales continue to trend upward. They would become the number 1 & number 2 brands at WFM under his leadership. From 2001 to the 2006 he traveled the country many times over conducting educational trainings on the quality & efficacy of the 365, Whole Foods & Whole Kids products, while also managing all aspects of this unique business-to-business account.

"During his time at ANS, Jeremiah also helped pioneer and launch renowned naturopath Dr. Andrew Weil’s exclusive retail nutritional supplement product line. As Brand Manager for Weil Nutritional Supplements, he was responsible for all aspects of launching this national branded product line from product formulations to packaging to marketing materials to hiring of all associated support teams. This project coupled with a unique connection to Whole Foods Market afforded Jeremiah insight into various aspects of the industry that few others have had the opportunity to see. All the while balancing his deep understanding of the industry he loves with a keen business acumen that keeps both his customers and the bottom line healthy.

"In 2006, Jeremiah rejoined the Whole Foods Market on the Global Purchasing team and in the summer of 2007 was named the Senior Global Whole Body Coordinator. Since coming back he has worked diligently to create business processes & systems that deliver value to all Whole Foods Market stakeholders while honoring the company’s core values. During his tenure, Jeremiah has also has been responsible for the birth of industry changing standards such as: Premium Body Care, Responsible Packaging and Organic Personal Care labeling guidelines. Through his creativity, innovation and love for all things Whole Body he also is passionate about helping to create the best possible products for customers and the planet. During his time with both ANS & Whole Foods Market, Jeremiah has developed, formulated & helped shape hundreds of hundreds of products found on the shelves of Whole Foods Market & other natural channel retailers. He also has been a diligent spokesperson for all aspects of the natural/organic product movement and has been quoted in publications including: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and most major periodicals.

"A vegetarian for over 16 years, Jeremiah continues to study all aspects of integrative health care, herbalism, nutrition, personal care and enjoys trail running, surfing, & snowboarding during down time. In addition to being the proud father of two beautiful daughters, he is also an avid reader and has been writing poetry for nearly 20 years. Jeremiah lives with his fiancé in the hill country of Austin on a small patch of land in their modest, cedar-shingled cabinesque home. " [1]


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