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Dr. Jeremy Lind is an Associate of the Centre for Civil Society - LSE "and was previously a Research Officer on the The `Global War on Terror’, Non-Governmental Public Action and Aid' project within the Non-Governmental Public Action programme supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The project examines the impacts and implications of changing aid policies on civil societies in aid-recipient countries in the post-9/11 period and involves case studies in India, Kenya and Afghanistan to assess these issues in different political contexts. His main research interests include development and humanitarian policy; NGOs and peace-building; livelihoods programming in situations of armed conflict; and civil society and pastoralist peoples of Eastern Africa. He has done collaborative research with the Humanitarian Policy Group of the Overseas Development Institute, Oxfam GB, the Centre for International Cooperation and Security at the University of Bradford, the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at Oslo University, and local groups in Kenya." [1]



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  • Civil society under strain: the War on Terror regime, civil society and aid post-9/11. Howell, J. and Lind, J. (eds.) Sterling, Virginia: Kumarian Press, 2009

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