Jerry L. Phillabaum

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Lieutenant Colonel Jerry L. Phillabaum, commander of 320th Military Police Battalion, wrote in a memo "that a female soldier in the Army's 320th Military Police Battalion took 'vigilante justice' on Iraqi prisoners who she believed had raped former POW Jessica Lynch." [1]

Phillabaum's April 12, 2004, memo to Lieutenant General Thomas Metz, deputy commander of coalition forces in Iraq, stated that "then-Master Sergeant Lisa Girman and three other MPs from the same battalion abused the prisoners at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq." Phillabaum also "provided a copy to The Associated Press." [2]

"All four MPs denied they did anything wrong and said the force they used was necessary to subdue unruly prisoners." [3]

According to a "Scorecard" published on the internet:

LTC (P) Jerry L. Phillabaum, Commander, 320th MP Battalion, has been relieved of his command, given a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, and possibly has been removed from the Colonel/O-6 Promotion List.