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Jeschenko MedienAgentur Köln GmbH is a German PR firm headquartered in Cologne and with an office in Berlin.

Handling "Unfortunate Matters"

On its website the company expalins its approach to crisis management. "Presenting a few examples of crisis management in industries and companies in this section would in itself be a faux-pas regarding the customers involved. Good public relations work consists in not telling the whole world about unfortunate matters - even if the originator can't do anything about it. Our job is to minimise the damage, inform the public quickly and sensibly, and turn potential malicious pleasure in the misfortune of others into positive energies. Be it a case of recall campaigns, defamation or industrial incidents," the company states. [1]

Contact Details

Jeschenko MedienAgentur Köln GmbH
Eugen-Langen-Strasse 25
D-50968 Köln
Tel.: +49 221 3099-0
Fax: +49 221 3099-200
E-mail: info AT

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