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Jill Richardson is a writer.

According to an online biography, she "became interested in food initially as a way to stay healthy. At the same time, she was working in health care and she saw many patients who were sick with chronic diet-related illnesses. It occurred to Jill that preventing diet-related illness makes far more sense than sickening ourselves with food and then trying to cure them at great cost (in money and quality of life). Jill's first book, Recipe for America, shows her plan to reform our food system. Jill is the founder of the sustainable food and agriculture blog La Vida Locavore and she serves on the policy advisory board of the Organic Consumers Association. [1]

Reporting on San Francisco's Toxic Sewage Sludge

Jill Richardson's articles in 2010 on the San Francisco toxic sludge controversy first revealed publicly the conflict of interest involving SFPUC Commissioner Francesca Vietor and her position promoting healthy, natural gardens as the new Executive Director of Alice Waters organization the Chez Panisse Foundation. Richardson also first exposed that the SFPUC's own testing found a myriad of toxins in their sludge, including dioxin. [2]

Chez Sludge

The Food Rights Network released a major investigative report on July 9, 2010 titled: Chez Sludge: How the Sewage Sludge Industry Bedded Alice Waters. [3] It examines the conflicts of interest and collusion between the Chez Panisse Foundation and the SFPUC based on an extensive open records investigation of the SFPUC internal files. (To view the internal documents see: SFPUC Sludge Controversy Timeline.) Jill reported on this story on her blog in the article ["When Environmentalists Go Bad (and Tell Lies)"].

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