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Dr. Jo Kwong "is the Vice-President of Institute Relations at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in Fairfax, VA. Kwong received her doctorate in Natural Resource Economics and Management and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Michigan. Her undergraduate degree in biology and urban studies is from Brown University. Before joining Atlas in 1990, she has worked at the Political Economy Research Center (Bozeman, MT), Institute for Humane Studies (Arlington, VA), and Capital Research Center (Washington, DC).

"In her work at Atlas, Kwong has helped establish and develop public policy institutes around the world that are committed to free markets and individual rights. Kwong has lectured, written articles, and collaborated with international public policy think tanks on programs to promote the principles of limited government, rule of law, and individual responsibility to audiences in countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Venezuela, and of course, North America. In October 2002, she received the State Policy Network's Roe Award, which pays tribute to those who have greatly advanced the free market philosophy.

"Kwong has also lectured and written on a broad range of environmental issues. The basic premise of her approach is that private property rights and market processes provide powerful incentives for people to become protective stewards of the environment. A system in which hundreds of thousands of people care for the environment offers a very effective alternative to a system of stronger, more intrusive government regulation.

"Her books include Myths about Environmental Policy (Citizens for the Environment, Washington, D.C.), Protecting the Environment: Old Rhetoric, New Imperatives ( Capital Research Center, Washington, D.C.), and Market Environmentalism: Lessons for Hong Kong ( Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research, Hong Kong). She is a contributing author to The Yellowstone Primer: Land and Resource Management in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem ( Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy, San Francisco) and Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns (Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York).

"In addition, Dr. Kwong has published in journals including the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Urban Lands, and the American Land Forum, as well as in the popular press such as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times." [1]

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