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Retired Brigadier General Joe Stringham "rose through the ranks in US Army Special Forces and has been assigned to foreign governments as a security representative for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Post retirement he has developed security systems and teams around the world to support governments and industry." [1]

Alutiiq LLC

Stringham leads the "in-house expertise" for Alutiiq LLC, a "wholly owned subsidary of the Afognak Native Corporation, an Alaska Native corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act," to "properly analyze and detect vulnerabilities, recommend sound approaches to eliminate them, and real world savvy to know which approaches really work." The Alutiiq "team also consists of former military and CIA security specialists. General Stringham and his team have the real world experience to know how to help security personnel and avoid the pitfalls of overly complex, failure/fault prone equipment, and ensure that systems are integrated to provide a seamless operating environment." [2]

El Salvador and Angola: Citations

  • Stringham, "a decorated Special Forces veteran who commanded U.S. military advisors engaged in the unacknowledged war in El Salvador," was AirScan's commander in Angola. --Center for Public Integrity, June 2002.
  • "A U.S. company, Airscan, headquartered in Titusville, FL, headed by Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Joe Stringham, is reportedly employing former American military officers to guard oil installations, most owned by Chevron, in Cabinda, Angola. It uses Cessna 337s, equipped with various sensors, to provide aerial surveillance on the periphery of the oil fields." --Center for Defense Information, November 1997.
  • "For instance, Chevron has subcontracted Air Scan based in Titusville, FL (managed by retired Brigadier General Joe Stringham who used to run U.S. clandestine operations in El Salvador) to protect its offshore oil concessions in Angola’s volatile Cabinda province." --ZMag, September 1998.
  • "Florida-based Airscan also implicated in funneling Pentagon weapons for counter-insurgency operations of Uganda's People's Defense Force, as well as to rebels in southern Sudan fighting the Khartoum regime. AirScan founder retired Brig.Gen. Joe Stringham was responsible for secretive U.S. counter-insurgency activities against the FSLN during El Salvador's civil war." --ZMag, October 2000.
  • "The Cabinda operation is under the command of AirScan Brigadier General (Ret) Joe Stringham who, for some years during the civil war period, ran clandestine American military operations in El Salvador.", 2002.
  • "In Congo-Brazzaville, former President Pascal Lissouba was accused of hiring Russian and Croat pilots. President Denis Sassou-Nguesso complained that they were trying to attack him from neighbouring countries. While in Cabinda former American serve officers with the US army and US Marines were hired to protect the oil fields owned by Gulf Oil Company. The oil field pumps about $1.5bn worth of oil a year. The Air Scan headed by Brig-Gen (Ret) Joe Stringham, also train troops to guard the oil installations in Cabinda. The lowest pay for a mercenary in the Cabinda coast is $225 per day, but the Front for the Liberation of Cabinda (FLEC) continues to be a source of threat." --Indymedia India, January 2002.

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