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John Crabtree "is a research associate at Oxford University's Centre for Latin American Studies. He is (on Bolivia) author of Patterns of Protest: Politics and Social Movements in Bolivia (Latin America Bureau, 2005) and co-editor of Unresolved Tensions: Bolivia Past and Present (Pittsburgh University Press, (2008); and (on Peru) author of Peru under Garcia: Opportunity Lost (Macmillan, 1992) and Fujimori's Peru (ILAS, 1998), and editor of Making Institutions Work in Peru: Democracy, Development and Inequality since 1980 (Institute for the Study of the Americas, London University / Brookings Institution, 2006)." [1]

Reviews of Unresolved Tensions

“Unresolved Tensions is a very important book about Bolivia's modern history. With insight and clarity, it explores the major themes that are at the center of conflicts about the past and present of the country and provides competing visions of its future.”— Merilee S. Grindle, Harvard University
“Bolivia is passing through an extraordinary period of democratic turbulence in which formerly consensual ideas are being challenged as never before. This unusual and polemical collection of essays by some of the leading scholars of Bolivia is an important introduction to this political discussion. Readers will find here a good summary of sharply differing positions on the fundamental issues that have emerged since the election of Evo Morales.”— Herbert S. Klein, Stanford University

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