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Biographical Information

John Heron was one of the leading figures in the Human Potential movement in the UK.

"Founder and Director of the Human Potential Research Project, University of Surrey, 1970 - 1977; Honorary Director, 1977 - 1981; Honorary Co-director, 1981-1984. The first academic centre for humanistic and transpersonal psychology and education in Europe.

"Assistant Director, British Postgraduate Medical Federation, University of London, 1977 - 1985; in charge of an innovative programme of personal and professional development for hospital doctors and GPs, out of which the British Holistic Medical Association was formed.

"Director, International Centre for Co-operative Inquiry, Volterra, Tuscany, Italy, 1990-2000.

"Co-director, South Pacific Centre for Human Inquiry, Auckland, New Zealand, 2000-present...

"Management development work in the UK: Ashford Management College, Bramshill Police College, British Telecom, Home Office, Lloyds Bank, Metropolitan Police, Rank Xerox International, etc.

"Group facilitator in UK TV programmes: medical stress (ITV, 1981), racism (BBC2, 1985), AIDS (Channel 4, 1987), Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses (BBC2, 1990), divorce (BBC2, 1991), parents and teenagers (BBC1, 1994).

"One of the founders in the UK of each of the following: Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners, Co-counselling International, Institute for the Development of Human Potential, New Paradigm Research Group, Research Council for Complementary Medicine. "[1]


All can be read online at his web site.

  • Cosmic Psychology, Auckland: Endymion Press, 2006. Eighth edition.
  • Living in Two Worlds, Auckland: Endymion Press, 2006. Third edition.
  • 'The Placebo Effect and a Participatory Worldview' in D. Peters (Ed), Understanding the Placebo Effect in Complementary Medicine, London: Churchill-Livingstone, 2001.
  • 'Spiritual Inquiry: A Critique of Wilber', Collaborative Inquiry, 18, 1996.
  • 'A Paradigm of Well-Being' in British Journal of Holistic Medicine, 1: 2, 1984.
  • Co-counselling: An Experiential Inquiry, with P. Reason, Guildford: HPRP, University of Surrey, 1981.

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