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John Howard Robinson, Ph.D. was a R.J. Reynolds research scientist & psychologist, circa 1994.


John Robinson, Ph.D., was a research scientist and psychologist in 1994 for R.J Reynolds Tobacco.(New York Times, 8/2/94) He appeared on ABC's "Day One" program about nicotine spiking.(March/April 1994) Robinson testified before RDA Drug Abuse Advisory Committee, on nicotine, on 8/2/94.(Associated Press, 8/2/94) Using the current standard definition of addiction, which he thinks is overbroad, Robinson cannot distinguish "crack smoking from coffee drinking, glue sniffing from jogging, heroin from carrots and cocaine from colas."(New York Times, 8/2/94) Robinson says nicotine is not addictive. He feels intoxication that is psychologically debilitating is the major defining trait of an addictive substance.(New York Times, 8/2/94).

Dr. Robinson was used as an expert in the Mississippi case.

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