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John H. Norris "currently serves as Africa Program Executive and Washington Chief of Staff of the International Crisis Group. John develops and directs all International Crisis Group activities across the continent and is responsible for coordinating policy, advocacy and research for projects in West Africa, the Horn, Southern and Central Africa.

"John also helped launch Crisis Group programs in Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan and he has conducted extensive field work and senior-level advocacy for resolving conflicts in Liberia, Zimbabwe, Kosovo and Central Asia. John is also the author of Collision Course: NATO, Russia and Kosovo, described by former UN ambassador Richard Holbrooke as, "The definitive book on one of the most important American military actions since the end of the Cold War."

John has published commentary in the Washington Post, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Guardian, The New Republic, Chicago Tribune, Globe and Mail and elsewhere. Earlier in his career, John served at the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development and on Capitol Hill. He has a graduate degree in public administration." [1]

He was also a former communications director of Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott.

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