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John O. Sutter "earned his first two degrees at Washington University after serving in combat and military government in Germany, experiences that led to his starting a dissertation on a United States of Europe. In the U.S. Foreign Service, he helped close the American Consulate General in Shanghai and open the Consulate in Surabaya. Indonesian language and area studies, followed by a stint as economic officer in the American Embassy, Jakarta, resulted in his doctoral dissertation on political influences on the Indonesian economy (Cornell U.). He married a wonderful woman, Doris, and worked for three decades with The Asia Foundation.

"Since joining the World Federalists in 1987, John has served as Editor of the Northern California World Federalist (1987-91) and its renamed Toward Democratic World Federation (1996-- ); he also held the offices of Treasurer, Vice President, and President, first of WFA of Northern California and subsequently of Democratic World Federalists. He helped organize the San Francisco hearing of the U.S. Commission on Improving the Effectiveness of the U.N. in 1993.

"He also served on the Board of the World Federalist Association, 1989-2003, and its policy committee, and headed its liaison committee for the W.F.M. He served on the Council of the World Federalist Movement (1991-2007), headed its committee on Federalism and the Right of People to Self-Government, and in 1995 organized its World Congress in San Francisco and its symposium on "Restructuring the United Nations: Achieving Democratic Global Governance for the 21st Century."" [1]

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