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John T. Landry was Vice President of Philip Morris from 1970-1976; Senior Vice President from 1977-1983; Director of Marketing in 1984. He became a Senior Vice President in 1977 and held that position until 1983. Was named Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing in 1984 and served on Philip Morris's Board of Directors from 1973-84. Served as memer of the Social Acceptability Working Party of ICOSI, c. 1978


Landry was Advertising Account Executive for Marlboro in the 1960s. Leo Burnett (L. White, Merchants of Death, 1988). "My wife smokes, I smoke, and we certainly don't have any fear of it," John T. Landry, one of Philip Morris' legendary marketers, told the New Yorker's Thomas Whiteside in 1963. "I don't think that cigarettes will ever be found to contain anything dangerous to health." But he added, "I think if it were proved" that cigarettes caused lung cancer, "I would give up smoking. I also think I'd get the heck out of the business."(Washington Post National Weekly Edition, January 13, 1997, pg. 9)

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