John Uhlmann

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John Uhlmann is a lifelong Republican activist living in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. He is currently chairman of the board of the Uhlmann company, a grocery products company based in Kansas City, Missouri. [1]

Uhlmann has personally donated $60,000 to GOPAC in the past two election cycles [2] and serves on the board of directors of GOPAC. [3].

Together with partner Richard Nadler, Uhlmann created "Access Communications Group, to produce ads to be used on radio stations and TV shows that blacks or Hispanics watched in large numbers. The ads were meant to identify the Republicans with positive conservative issues (as opposed to lynching)." [4]

Access Communication Group instead became notorious during the 2002 election cycle for producing and airing controversial "reverse reparations" radio ads aimed at African-American audiences. [5]