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"In 1961/63 made first films at TWW (Television Wales and the West) with John Betjeman and Gwyn Thomas. Joined BBC Television as producer/director in 1963 at the advent of BBC2.

"In 1968 won British Film Academy (now BAFTA) Robert Flaherty Award for In Need of Special Care – a film about a Camphill school in Scotland for children with special needs (same film nominated for British Film Academy 'United Nations Award', along with its sequel about Botton Village – a Camphill community in Yorkshire for adults with special needs).

"Nominated by BAFTA and by The Broadcasting Press Guild for 1985 series with Alan Whicker – Living with Uncle Sam.

"Independent documentary film-maker since 1990." [1]   


Selected Films

  • 1969 - Gandhi’s India (BBC2 60') – biography in the centenary year of Gandhi’s birth, with E.F. Schumacher; co-scripted with Hallam Tennyson.
  • 1970 - Education – for the series What Sort Of World Do We Want? (BBC2 50').
  • 1971 - The Story of Carl Gustav Jung (BBC1 3 × 30') – biography, written and presented by Laurens van der Post.
  • 1972 - Tolstoy – from Riches to Rags (BBC1 75') – biography, co-scripted with Theodore Roszak.
  • 1973 - In Defence of the Stork (BBC1 30') – connections between embryology and the story of creation in the book of Genesis, with Camphill’s Dr Thomas Weihs.
  • 1973–74 - All Africa Within Us (BBC2 50') – for World About Us, Bristol; an exploration of Bushman mythology, filmed in southern Africa, written and presented by Laurens van der Post.
  • 1974–75 - Yamamoto (BBC1 50') – for The Commanders; biography of the Commander of the Japanese navy in World War II, scripted by Correlli Barnett.

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