Joseph F. Cullman

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Joseph F. Cullman 3rd was the legendary CEO and chairman of Philip Morris who made the original decisions to float the woman's Marlboro filter cigarettes as a man's cigarette by using the imagery of the cowboy and the Magnificant Seven music. His Canadian company was Benson & Hedges.

He was a tennis fanatic and also set up tennis tournaments, Tennis Hall of Fame, etc. as sponsored promotional vehicles for his company's cigarettes.

His cousin Hugh Cullman ran the International business theoretically, but in reality it was controlled by the Scottish minor aristocrat, Hamish Maxwell, and his two Australian friends and successors R William Murray and Geoffrey C Bible.

The Australians ended up taking over the company, and with it the leadership of a majority of the skullduggery that went on in the tobacco industry globally

There was also a Joseph F Cullman (Jr) who was the father of the Philip Morris CEO/Chairman. In Jan 1954 a special meeting of Philip Morris notes those involved in the take-over of Benson & Hedges (a marketing company only) were: - Joseph F Cullman Jr ., President and Chairman of Benson and Hedges, - Joseph F . Cullman 3rd, Executive Vice President of Benson and Hedges, - LG Hanson, Senior Vice President and Treasurer of the Company, - CH Kibbee, Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of the Company, - Paul D Smith of Conboy, Hewitt, O'Brien & Boardman, general counsel to the Company . [1]