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Josh Penry

Former Republican Colorado State Senator Josh Penry was a Republican Colorado state senator and senate minority leader who ran in Colorado's Republican gubernatorial primary in 2009. Penry dropped out after Republican donors decided to back former Colorado congressman Scott McInnis. [1]

Lobbying for oil, gas and drilling interests

After dropping out of the Colorado governor's race, Penry accepted job in the Denver office of EIS Solutions, a Grand Junction-based energy astroturfing firm. EIS Solutions handles government affairs and public relations for companies involved in the energy industry. EIS solutions organizes "grassroots" opposition to reasonable regulations of the drilling industry.[2]EIS Solutions has been linked to a number of front groups that oppose reasonable drilling regulations in colorado, on behalf of the oil industry. These groups work in concert with groups set up by Josh Penry's wife, Kristin Strohm. Strohm runs the PR firm Starboard Group.[3]

Positions on issues

  • Penry opposed a bill to abolish Colorado's death penalty and put the legal funds saved towards solving cold murder cases. Colorado has only executed one prisoner in three decades.[4][5]
  • Penry opposes rules to regulate the oil and gas drilling industry. The rules were "designed to protect Colorado's environment while still allowing the oil and gas industry to make a decent profit." [6]


Joshua Penry, Minority Leader
Colorado State Senator, District 7
Office Location: 200 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80203
Capitol Phone: 303-866-3077


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