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The Journal of Democracy "is the world's leading publication on the theory and practice of democracy. Since its first appearance in 1990, it has engaged both activists and intellectuals in critical discussions of the problems of and prospects for democracy around the world. Today, the Journal is at the center of debate on the major social, political, and cultural challenges that confront emerging and established democracies alike...

"The Journal of Democracy is part of the International Forum for Democratic Studies, housed within the National Endowment for Democracy...

"The Journal of Democracy and its book series are published by The Johns Hopkins University Press. The JHU Press is America's oldest and one of its largest university presses, publishing more than 170 books each year and 52 scholarly journals. By long tradition The JHU Press has published with distinction in such disciplines as literary studies, classics, history, economics, political science, and the history of science and medicine." [1]

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