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Jubilee Campaign USA "promotes the human rights and religious liberty of ethnic and religious minorities in countries which imprison, terrorize or otherwise oppress them. We advocate the release of prisoners of conscience and the change of laws as necessary to effect these purposes. Jubilee also advocates against the exploitation of children, paying particular attention to the sex industry in Asia.

"Jubilee Campaign was founded by Danny Smith in London in the early 1980's to serve as a nondenominational and nonsectarian human rights organization advocating nonviolent solutions to religious intolerance and religious discrimination internationally. In 1987 David Alton, Member of Parliament, launched Jubilee Campaign UK as a voice to the British Parliament and now over 150 Members of Parliament have adopted cases of religious persecution from around the world.

"Ann Buwalda, an immigration attorney in Northern Virginia, founded the US branch of Jubilee Campaign in the early 1990s. Jubilee Campaign USA lobbies Congress o­n behalf of those suffering religious persecution and human rights violations. Furthermore, we actively travel overseas to promote religious tolerance, we handle certain cases involving religious asylum seekers and we promote and financially support children's rights internationally." [1]



  • Danny Smith founded Jubilee Campaign UK in the 1980s and, a few years later he started the charitable arm, Jubilee Action. He is currently the editor of Just Right Magazine, and has published several books on human rights abuses.

Danny serves as the President of the Board.

  • Ann Buwalda launched Jubilee Campaign USA in 1991, where she currently serves as Director.
  • Faith McDonnell Director of the Religious Liberty program at The Institute on Religion and Democracy, works to inform US Christians, particularly those within the mainline denominations, about persecuted Christians around the world. She speaks widely on the subject of the persecuted church, organizes rallies in support of persecuted Christians, and helps draft legislation on issues of religious persecution.
  • Marlene Rice brings broad-based program development and communications experience to the Board. She has worked with a variety of ministries such as Open Doors, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Corel Ridge Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ, Azusa Pacific University, and Luis Palau Evangelistic Association.
  • Frank Rice brings practical ministry experience to the work of Jubilee Campaign USA. Frank and his wife, Marlene, have undertaken several major projects with Jubilee Campaign including raising money for the Celebrate Freedom Video.
  • Paul Miller and Mary Miller spent a decade with Youth With A Mission in England. After leaving YWAM, Paul went to Regent University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctor. Upon graduation he spent several years working for InterDev. Paul has authored several books.
  • Dee Dickelman-Maka was a full time Staff member with Campus Crusade for Christ for many years. She later worked with Enterprise Development, which is a ministry that specializes in giving small development loans to empower poor families in various countries around the world. Dee has taught English as a second language in China. Dee is currently retired and devotes her time to many organizations and projects.
  • Patricia Tanaka has worked in the travel industry in various capacities since finishing her education at Liberty University.

Patricia serves as the Treasurer of the Board of Jubilee Campaign.

  • Brian Coen works for the US Department of State, and his wife Polly is a full-time housewife who enjoys supporting missions’ endeavors.
  • Kie-Eng Go serves as the Indonesia coordinator for Jubilee Campaign. He raises all of the necessary funds for Indonesian fact-finding trips, humanitarian projects, and advocacy. He participated in several briefings by the United States Congressional Human Rights Caucus, providing expert testimony concerning issues involving violations of human rights occurring in Indonesia. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1984. In 1999, he earned a Master of Arts degree in International Business from the University of Texas at Dallas. Kie-Eng was born and raised in Jakarta and now resides in Plano, Texas with his wife and four children.



Web: http://www.jubileecampaign.org

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