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Juhoud for Community and Rural Development "is a Palestinian nongovernmental organization. It was established in 2002 as a response to the deteriorated political and economic situations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Since the inception of Juhoud, it was imperative to keep the welfare of the rural, low-income, and impoverished communities in the heart of the organization?s mission and activities. In order to meet this goal, Juhoud has implemented over 25 projects since 2002 with over half million dollars budget on projects related to humanitarian assistance; economic development; training and consulting; women and youth empowerment; democracy and good governance." [1]

"In 2004, through its involvement in the USAID-funded Civil Society and Democracy Strengthening Project, AMIDEAST supported voter education efforts of civil society organizations (CSOs) in the West Bank and Gaza. One of these was the Ramallah-based Juhoud for Community and Rural Development, which used its Civil Society and Democracy Strengthening Project grant to hold a series of meet the candidate forums and to hang posters informing citizens of election dates and locations." [2]

In 2007 Juhoud received a small grant from the Middle East Partnership Initiative. [3]

People [4]


  • Samer A. Salameh - Executive Director, Member of Board since 2001
  • Sonia D. Abdo - Administrative Director, B.Sc.in sociology miner psychology fro Birzeit University
  • Kifaya M. Ghannam - Financial Manager, B.Sc.in Finance from Adan University.
  • Manal A. Hilaneh - Public Relations, B.Sc. in Business Administration from North Virginia
  • Ruba Ziad Haj Yasin - External Consultant, Master in Business Administration/Concentration in Finance from California, Living in Toronto-Canada
  • Yahya H. Nafee - Public Relations and Media Officer, B.Sc. Radio & Television from Birzeit University
  • Samer F. Makhlouf - B.Sc. in Business Administration from Birzait University, Public Relations
  • Jhony L. Musalam - Agricultural Engineer, B.Sc. in Science and Agricultural Technology from Studies of Florence University
  • Bashar T. Sawafta - Agricultural Engineer, B.Sc. in Agriculture Science from Al-najah National University

Board of Directors

  • Naser Sa'd Al deen Qatamy - Chairman of the Board since 2004 at juhoud, Assistant Deputy Minister-Ministry of Labor
  • Wisam Hanna Salameh - Treasurer since 2004 at juhoud, School Principle in Jifna
  • Board Antoon Ya'koub Sa'd - Member in Juhoud since 2004 at juhoud, Previous Birzeit Municipality Mayor
  • Ra'd Awad Abu Sahliyh - Board Member since 2004 at juhoud, Al Taybh Catholic Church Priest
  • Bassam Mohamad Al Khateeb - Board Member since 2004 at juhoud, Director General at the Ministry of Women Affairs
  • Anwar Zakaryah - Board Member since 2004 at juhoud, Grants and Scholarships Director General at the Ministry of Education
  • Eymeel Makhloof - Board Member since 2004 at juhoud, Administrative & Financial Manager at the Treatment & Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture

Master . in scholastic Management from Birzeit University


P.O.Box: 67460-Salah Deen St.
Tel.:+ 972-2-281-1629
Fax: + 972-2-281-1831
E-mail: info AT juhoud.org
Web: http://www.juhoud.org

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