Karl Mathiasen

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Karl Mathiasen "has had a lifelong commitment to helping organizations grow stronger, dating from his early years at USAID where he provided technical assistance to organizations abroad. When he returned to Washington, he became a board member and trusted advisor to numerous nonprofits, including Wider Opportunities for Women and the New World Foundation. This led to his establishment, in 1972, of the Planning and Management Assistance Project, which eventually evolved into MAG. Karl is one of the nation's leading experts on board/staff dynamics and board development. He has written frequently about boards and served on the boards of over 35 nonprofits. He has a special fascination with faith-based groups, such as the Religious Partnership for the Environment, and Jubilee Enterprise of Greater Washington. Among other groups he has assisted is the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Gay Men's Health Crisis and other AIDS groups, and many community foundations." [1]