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Kathleen Maas Weigert "is the Executive Director of the Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service at Georgetown University, a Center created in January 2001 when Dr. Maas Weigert joined the University as the first director. She is a Research Professor in both the Department of Sociology and the Program on Justice & Peace.

"Dr. Maas Weigert received the B.A. and M.A. in International Relations from the University of Minnesota, and the Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame. She has lectured, facilitated workshops, taught and published on such topics as experiential and community-based learning, nonviolence, and education for justice and peace. She is the co-designer of Notre Dame’s "Concentration in Peace Studies," the first concentration (now called interdisciplinary minor) approved in the College of Arts and Letters (1983) as well as co-designer of the Notre Dame’s “Concentration in Catholic Social Tradition” (1998). She is the co-designer of the “Social Justice Analysis” concentration in the Sociology major at Georgetown (2004). A co-editor of America's Working Poor (University of Notre Dame Press, 1995), she is also one of the authors of The Search for Common Ground: What Unites and Divides Catholic Americans (Our Sunday Visitor, 1997), which received the “1998 Award for Excellence in Research" from the National Conference of Catechetical Leaders. She is co-editor of Teaching for Justice: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Peace Studies (American Association of Higher Education, 1999) and Living the Catholic Social Tradition: Cases and Commentary (Sheed and Ward, 2005). She is currently working on social justice ideas in the work of Jane Addams.

"Dr. Maas Weigert is a co-recipient of the University of Notre Dame's 1991 Grenville Clark Award, which is given for “voluntary activities advancing the cause of peace and human rights.” In 1997 the national Peace Studies Association gave her its award "in recognition of her steadfast commitment to the development of Peace Studies.” She was one of the ten finalists selected for the national Campus Compact’s 1999 Thomas Ehrlich Faculty Award for Service-Learning. In the spring of 2000 she received the University of Notre Dame’s Reinhold Niebuhr Award which is given to one “whose life and writings promote or exemplify the area of social justice in modern life.” She serves on the boards of CARA (Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate) and the Jesuit Social Research Institute at Loyola University, New Orleans." [1] CV


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  • The Search for Common Ground: What Unites and Divides Catholic Americans, co-authored with James Davidson and others. IN: Our Sunday Visitor, 1997.
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  • Living the Catholic Social Tradition: Cases and Commentary, co-edited with Alexia K. Kelley, and author of essay entitled “Living the Catholic social tradition: introduction and overview.” Lanham, MD: Sheed & Ward, 2005.

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