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Kay McNiece is the head of the Canberra-based PR firm McNiece Communications.

A biographical note states that he was "a Melbourne-based journalist for more than 15 years before establishing McNiece Communication in 1989, a public relations company that has had an extensive range of clients including a number of Victorian and Commonwealth government departments." [1]

"She has been vitally involved in recent years with the development of responses to emergency health issues including vCJD, the two Bali bombings, SARS, the “white powder “ incidents following September 11, and Australia’s health response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami. During the SARS crisis in 2003, Kay was seconded by the WHO to handle media management for the WHO’s presence in Hong Kong and she and her team have since developed a wide ranging communications strategy for Australia for the present outbreak of Bird Flu in Asia and the every looming threat of a human influenza pandemic," her biogrpahical note states. [2]

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