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Keith Moore is President of KDM & Associates, a PR firm based in New Jersey. [1]

Prior to founding KDM & Associates in Aust 2001, according to a biogrpahical note, "Moore was the Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations for Prosperity, New Jersey, a not-for-profit branch of the New Jersey Commerce and Economic Growth Commission. Before assuming the director position, Mr. Moore had been an Account Executive for the Commission and had been responsible for assisting corporations with 100 or more employees with business development, retention and expansion opportunities in urban centers Statewide. In addition, Mr. Moore also worked for the Commerce Commission as a program manager with the Urban Enterprise Zone providing oversight and technical assistance to municipalities with Enterprise Zone applications." [2]

"Mr. Moore has served as the Senate President’s appointment to Governor Christie Todd Whitman’s Commission to study parole. In addition, he was appointed by the Commissioner of Human Services to serve as a member of the Welfare Reform Task Force and helped establish the current Work First and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. Mr. Moore is a frequent guest and contributor on New Jersey television. In 1995, he earned the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service of the Year award," it states. [3]

Open Secrets notes Moore contributeds $5,000 in June 2004 to the America's Foundation. [4]

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