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Kerry Dupont is "a consultant for organizations conducting work in Iraq and the Middle East. She has spent time in various parts of Iraq, working with Iraqi counterparts on educational projects and civil-society activities, covering both the Arabic and Kurdish regions." [1] Dupont is a former Director of Procurement/Logistics at Spirit of America. [2] She blogs at Literal Thoughts.

According to her August 2005 normblog profile, Dupont "was interested in politics and culture from an early age when she worked for then Governor John Sununu, later to become Chief of Staff to President George H.W. Bush. After university Kerry lived in Boston, working at Harvard Business School, then took a job in the corporate field before moving back to New Hampshire. She subsequently married and had two boys, now aged 8 and 9, and blogging took her back to politics - specifically to a long-held interest in the Middle East. These days, you'll find her travelling as much as at home. When not in Iraq or California, she is in the beautiful State of Maine."

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