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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a German Christian Democrat (CDU) party affiliated, state-funded, foundation that seeks to influence political outcomes in lesser developed world by influencing political parties or moulding civil society. KAS is similar organization to the multiple political manipulation organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy (in the US), Westminster Foundation for Democracy (in the UK), Friedrich Naumann Foundation (also in Germany); Canada, the Netherlands, France... all have similar organizations. Organizations like KAS or NED attempt to influence political outcomes in countries where they might have economic or political interests. All these groups aim to foster civic groups and political parties in lesser developed countries that play along with the Western favored model of neoliberalism (in politics and economics).

A minor function of KAS is to provide a platform for junior politicians to gain foreign policy experience, and for out-of-office politicians to gain a sinecure while out of office. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) is a similar organization, involved in the same activities as KAS; the only difference is the party affiliation of FNF are with the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and Liberal International (LI).

It describes itself thus:

KAS "is one of the political foundations of the Federal Republic of Germany. With its international activities and projects, the KAS realizes a substantial contribution to international cooperation and understanding. It is named after the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer. Here we present the Regional Programme of the KAS in Southeast Asia. It focuses on three key areas, namely political dialogue, media and the rule of law." [1]

KAS operates under the guise of (1) promoting democratic groups and processes, (2) developing civic society groups, and (3) encouraging and sponsoring human rights monitoring NGOs.

KAS in Egypt

On 29 December 2011, Egyptian police invaded the offices of international political manipulating NGOs, including KAS.[2]


KAS and the American Jewish Committee, a leading zionist organization in the United States, often co-host events and their personnel often visit each other's offices.[3] KAS and the AJC have had a formal exchange and cooperation agreement in place since 1980.[4]


Website: www.kas.de

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