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Koosum Kaly was appointed to the Petmin Board "in March 2011. She is Chairman of EdgoMerap (Pty) Ltd in London and holds a number of directorships, including Standard Bank Group and the MTN Group. From 2000 to 2008, Koosum was Senior Business Development Manager: African Exploration Oil and Gas, of Shell International Exploration." [1]

Koosum Kalyan is Chairman of Kgontsi Holdings and Chairman of Edgo Merap. Koosum Kalyan was previously with Shell South Africa (Pty) Limited from 1990 as Chief Economist in the Corporate Planning Department. She was appointed General Manager of Corporate Affairs in August 1995. In 1998, Koosum was appointed on a assignment to Shell International Global Scenarios Team in London to map out the Africa Scenarios.

"Prior to Shell, Koosum worked as an Economist at the Chamber of Mines of South Africa and the State Electricity Commission of Victoria in Australia. Since 2001 Koosum has held the position of Senior Business Development Manager/Exploration, Shell International Exploration. She is an adviser to the South African Government on State Owned Enterprises in Africa, a member of President Mbeki’s Steering Committee on Scenarios for South Africa and a member and co-facilitator of the UNAIDS/Shell Scenario Planning Team on HIV/AIDS in Africa.

"Koosum was seconded to Prime Minister Blair’s Commission for Africa on a part time basis as Private Sector Liaison and Coordinator for Africa. She has presented many papers on Economic Issues and Oil and Gas in Africa, as well as assisting several governments in Africa on long term planning processes. She serves on the Commonwealth Business Council Advisory Group. Koosum also chairs the G8 Business Action Against Corruption in Africa.

"Koosum holds non-executive Board Directorships at Standard Bank Group, Mobile Telephone Networks Group, Kgontsi Holdings, Macdonald Steel, South African Airways, South African Bank Note Company, and the South African Mint Company." [2]

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