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"Is currently the Executive Trustee of INDIA800 Foundation and has been working on social justice issues for over last 35 years. His work has been in the UK, Africa and Asia. He was instrumental as the CEO of the Ethnic Minority Foundation and developed an MBA programme for the University of East London on Leadership and Capacity Building.

"He has developed substantial experience by working at a very senior level on non-conventional energy, Governance and Philanthropy and incubating enterprises that can serve the poor. Social Innovation is what he is known for and he has spent time living with remote communities to better understand their decision making choices and lifestyle so that appropriate solutions can be developed using science and technology.

"Over two years ago he left London for India to explore how science and technology can be made to work for the poor using social innovation. As a result of this he is a co-founder of the INDIA800 Foundation that seeks to use science and technology innovations to create solutions for alleviating poverty and dealing with chronic hunger for some of the 800 million people that live below the poverty line. His innovations include development of sanitary napkins from banana fibre, creating affordable health products, solar lamps, setting up footpath schools, vocational skills training for rural communities, various health diagnostic technologies for remote communities." [1]

"As chief executive of the Ethnic Minority Foundation and its operational arm, the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations (Cemvo), Sarda has responsibility for finding and nurturing the black voluntary sector leaders of tomorrow. He aims to recruit 100,000 volunteers and build a £100m endowment in the next five to 10 years. " [2]

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