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Kyle Dustin "Dusty" Foggo resigned May 8, 2006, as executive director of the Central Intelligence Agency. [1]

Foggo was "handpicked" by Porter J. Goss — who resigned May 5, 2006, as CIA Director — and is "currently under investigation for his role" in the Congressional bribery and DC sex scandal case. [2]

Upon Becoming Executive Director

Jason Vest wrote November 24, 2004, in The Nation of Foggo:

"The critical position of executive director--the person responsible for actually running the CIA day to day--is now going to a twenty-two-year agency veteran, but knowledgeable observers are less than optimistic about how the nominee, K. Dusty Foggo, will do, particularly with regard to fixing the agency's very broken support functions. While Foggo has had ample field experience--his last overseas assignment was running the agency's Germany-based forward logistics facility--his lack of senior headquarters-level posts may be inadequate preparation to run a 33,000-strong agency. 'He hasn't had a lot of give and take with the division chiefs or deputy directors, as well as equivalents at other agencies or on the Hill--at best, he's not ready,' says one veteran. Some also note memorable overseas clashes between Foggo and DO officers and State Department personnel."

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