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LTR Industries makes reconstituted Tobacco sheet in France and is a subsidiary in France of the Kimberly-Clark Corp..


LTR Industries is a subsidiary in France of Kimberly-Clark Corp., which makes reconstituted Tobacco sheet with nicotine content that varies from 0.7 to 3.5 percent.(Slade Statement 3/25/94)

LTR Industries specializes in the tobacco reconstitution process and in helping the tobacco companies control the amount of nicotine in their cigarettes.(Castano Complaint 45) An LTR advertisement entitled "More Nicotine, or Less." published in tobacco trade publications (Tobacco Report March 1992) states:

Nicotine levels are becoming a growing concern to the designers of modern cigarettes, particularly those with lower tar deliveries. The Kimberly-Clark tobacco reconstitution process used by LTR Industries permits adjustments of nicotine to your exact requirements. These adjustments will not affect the other important properties of customized reconstituted tobacco produced at LTR Industries: low tar delivery, high filling power, high yield, and the flexibility to convey organoleptic modifications. We can help you control your tobacco."(Tobacco Reporter ad 3/92, Slade Statement 3/25/94).

LTR Industries advertises in tobacco trade publications that their process permits adjustments of nicotine to exacting requirements.(The Times 6/12/94) LTR Industries is a cigarette paper-making division of Kimberly-Clark in 1985-1993.(J. Slade/NAP&M 1993) The fortification of reconstituted tobacco sheet with nicotine is a routine procedure at LTR Industries.(J. Slade/NAP&M 1993).


LTR Industries Usine le Mans 72700 SPAY France Phone +33 2 43 47 42 00 Fax +33 2 43 47 42 80

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