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Based in Costa Rica "We restore native tropical forests by planting trees, educating people, inspiring donors, and partnering with private and public landowners." [1]

"In the final months of 2009 La Reserva Forest Foundation was given the opportunity to participate in Global Giving's Open Challenge to try winning a place on that amazing philanthropic website. We put up a biological corridor project to be implemented on David Alvarez’s property of 2 ½ hectares in Aguacate, near La Reserva.

"We received enough donations ($4000 in just one month) from more than 50 donors to win the Open Challenge. About the same time Giant Studios had just wrapped the making of ‘Avatar’, the movie directed by James Cameron, that Giant Studios did the visual effects for, especially the Na’vi. Giant Studio’s CEO Candice Alger (seen center, below) instructed Paul Hynek (seen above), Director of Business Affairs for Giant, to find a reforestation project to which the studio could contribute to commemorate the making of the movie." [2]


Accessed December 2013: [3]



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