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Larry Birns "has been the director of COHA since its founding in 1975. A former defense researcher and strategist and member of the Institute for Strategic Studies in London, and the All Souls College, Oxford’s military seminar, he was a senior grade public affairs officer for the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America in Santiago, Chile. Birns taught and lectured for 15 years in the fields of Latin American studies, comparative government, and international law at a number of U.S. and British colleges and universities.

"Educated at Bates, Columbia and Oxford, he has authored and edited a study on the overthrow of the Allende government, and has published hundreds of articles on U.S.-Latin American relations for The Nation, New York Review of Books, Ottawa Citizen, the Guardian, London Independent, The Village Voice, Miami Herald, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, Houston Chronicle, Atlanta Constitution, Toronto Star, Orlando Sentinel, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, The New York Times and Foreign Policy, among many other publications. He has made frequent appearances on foreign and U.S. network radio and television programs, including the Voice of America and National Public Radio (“Talk of the Nation,” “To the Point,” “Morning Edition,” “All Things Considered,” “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” and “The Diane Rehm Show”), as well as regular analyses for the BBC. He also makes frequent appearances on Radio Havana, Canadian Television (CTV), the CBC radio and TV networks (“As It Happens,” “Newswatch,” “The National,” “Counterspin” and “Morningwatch”), and has made repeated appearances on “The McNeil-Lehrer Newshour,” “Crossfire,” as well as ABC’s “Nightline,” and the CBC’s “Newsworld.” On numerous occasions, he has been quoted by Reuters, AP, UPI, EFE, and Agence France Press news wires...

"He recently co-authored an article on the Bush White House’s Latin American policy for the American Foreign Service Journal, and also co-authored the afterword to Dr. Paul Farmer’s The Uses of Haiti, for which Jonathan Kozol contributed the foreword and Noam Chomsky wrote the introduction (Courage Press)." [1]

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