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Latin American Center for Journalism (CELAP) is a Panama-based journalism organisations (also known as the Centro Latinoamericano de Periodismo).

  • Luis Alberto Ferr Rangel - President [1]
  • I. Roberto Eisenmann - Chair
  • Luis Botello - Member of Board of Directors
  • Maribel Cuervo de Paredes, Former Executive Director [2] ("Then, Cuervo was asked to resign from the prestigious Latin American Center for Journalism (CELAP), which she managed. That was the work of another press freedom imposter, I. Roberto Eisenmann, who was offended by the fact that Cuervo had expressed herself critically about the Panama chapter of Transparency International, which Eisenmann de facto owns.") [3]


"American institutions such as the Freedom Forum and the International Center for Journalists have also promoted seminars and workshops where journalists from the U.S. or from the region introduce their Latin American colleagues to new techniques or advanced skills. The U.S. government has also been involved in programs on journalism education, in particular, a rather large program in Central America that was discontinued at the end of the Cold War. One of the programs financed by the U.S. government was inherited by a private foundation based in Panama and transformed into CELAP (Spanish acronym for Latin American Center for Journalism) that since the mid 1990s has organized dozens of workshops for working journalists, mainly from Central America." [4]

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  • David Hume - has carried out trainging sessions for them


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