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Left Forum "provides a context for critical engagement by people of different persuasions on the Left who, nevertheless, seek common ground. Please join with us for Left Forum events throughout the year, and for the 2008 Left Forum conference, taking place March 14 through 16, at Cooper Union in New York City." [1]

Directors (2010)

Accessed March 2010: [2]

People who left since 2008 include Michael Steven Smith, Julie Ruben, Mahmood Mamdani, and Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Directors (2008)

Accessed July 2008: [3]


Accessed July 2008: [4]

Advisors and Organizations

Accessed July 2008: [5]

Advisory Board: Gilbert Achcar, Tariq Ali, Robin Blackburn, Barbara Bowen, Rose Brewer, Renate Bridenthal, Michael Brie, Stephen Brier, Stephen Eric Bronner, Paul Buhle, Joseph A. Buttigieg, Luciana Castellina, Angela Dillard, Stephen Duncombe, Hester Eisenstein, Barbara Epstein, Deepa Fernandes, Héctor Figueroa, Harriet Fraad, Josh Freeman, Barbara Garson, Marvin Gettleman, Arun Gupta, Jack Hammond, David Harvey, Gerald Horne, Boris Kagarlitsky, Robin D. G. Kelley, Christine A. Kelly, Peter Kwong, Joanne Landy, Jesse Lemisch, Michael Löwy, Manning Marable, Randy Martin, Liz Mestres, Susan O’Malley, Leo Panitch, Christian Parenti, Thomas Ponniah, Barbara Ransby, Michael Ratner, Jan Rehmann, Gerardo Rénique, Rainer Rilling, Colin Robinson, Nan Rubin, Stephen R. Shalom, Neil Smith, Eleni Varikas, Victor Wallis, Ross Weiner, Joseph Wilson

Endorsing Organizations: Brecht Forum, Center for the Study of Culture, Technology, and Work, Graduate Center, CUNY, Critical Sociology, Logos, Monthly Review, National Lawyers Guild, New Political Science, New Politics, Radical Teacher, Rethinking Marxism/AESA, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Science and Society, Situations, Social Text, Socialism and Democracy, Social Register, Souls, Union for Radical Political Economics


Web: http://www.leftforum.org

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