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Lennox M. Johnston, Ph.D. (Addiction researcher): Plaintiff


Lennox M. Johnston and M.B. Glasg did a study on tobacco smoking and nicotine published in The Lancet, 12/19/42, p. 742. Nicotine was given hypodermically to 35 volunteers to compare its effects with those of tobacco smoking. "A considerable tolerance to nicotine is therefore acquired as a result of smoking". "Nicotine action is perceived in about 15 sec. both on the inhalation tobacco smoke and on intravenous injection of nicotine and may last for 1 or 2 minutes." It discusses psychological "repression" by smokers of ill effects. "Smokers show the same attitude to tobacco as addicts to their drug . . . ." (Lancet 12/19/42).

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