Liberation Army of Iraq

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Prompted by a 17 July 2003 Article in Yellow Times, which stated that "In a letter to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, the Liberation Army of Iraq announced its intention to go after any foreign military presence in Iraq. It urged Annan against sanctioning the use of a multinational military force to oversee Iraq's post-war era." I did some searching on this outfit, or a copy of the letter.

Given that the original name of this outfit is probably conceived in a non-English language, I'll accept that due to translation requirements and margins, Liberation Army of Iraq is equivalent to Iraq Liberation Army.

Two previously unknown Iraqi groups on Tuesday warned countries against sending troops to Iraq, where U.S. troops are facing daily attacks, Arab television channels said on Tuesday.
"We strongly reject and will resist with weapons any military intervention under the umbrella of the United Nations, the Security Council, NATO, or Islamic and Arab countries," a group calling itself the Iraq Liberation Army said in a statement shown on the Dubai-based al-Arabiya television.
Leader of the Iraqi National Congress Ahmed Chalabi is the chief candidate for the role of the head of the future government. However, in the Iraqis' opinion, he is an American candidate. "Chalabi does not have any base in Iraq", a representative of the religious school of al-Najaf city which is sacred to the Shi'ites of the whole world, Sheikh Abdeljaber al-Khouzami, claims. "He arrived in the country accompanied by 700 fighters of the Liberation Army of Iraq who were armed and trained by the CIA."
In 1986, Mojahedin Khalq leader Massoud Rajavi moved from Paris to Iraq and set up the group's military wing, naming it the National Liberation Army of Iraq.