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Biographical Information

"BA Hons from Cape Town University, Masters from Cambridge University, and trained by African shamans between the years of 1994-2001, before publishing the seminal work, Mystery of the White Lions. (Earthyear, 2001).

"Founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002. Invited guest speaker at global congresses, including the World Wilderness Congress (2001), World Summit of Sustainable Utilisation (2002), World Parks Congress ( 2003), World Carnivore Congress Sante Fe (2004), World Wilderness Congress Alaska (2005), Beyond Duality Congress Guatamala (2008), River of Stars Conference Hawaii 2011, Israel 2012) Awakening to Animals Conference (UK 2013). At the Wild9 Congress (Mexico, with delegates from 54 countries) in 2009, had a Resolution passed calling for the protection of the White Lions by international governments and appropriate bodies.

"Presented to South African Parliament (2007/8), and British Parliament (2013) Her second book, Saving the White Lions (North Atlantic/Random House), published in 2013, is being considered for a Hollywood movie."[1]

" I gave up the successful Paris and London advertising and fashion world I had been in for over a decade, and returned to Africa, to study with Maria Khosa, the most amazing woman I have ever met. Her teachings of nature and its workings were more profound and meaningful than anything I had learned in my years of Cambridge academia...I studied at Cambridge University (85-87) I was a model in Paris for several years, then went on to do marketing and advertising with London agencies under the Saatchi and Saatchi umbrella, managing European accounts. I love European culture and strength of character, but it couldn't be more different than the raw power and pulse of Africa." [1]

She lives in the Timbavati reserve of South Africa with her partner, lion ecologist Jason Turner.


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