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Logenix International L.L.C. is "a multifaceted logistics company that specializes in planning, implementation, and shipping services worldwide."[1]

Logenix Services: According to the company's web site:

"Calling upon its extensive experience in similarly strife or war-torn areas across Africa, Asia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and Eastern Europe, Logenix has been involved in the forefront of the Afghanistan rebuilding efforts. Supplying hospital equipment, telecommunications infrastructure, and the very specialized needs for the de-mining efforts are just some of the important programs we have helped implement. Among the most high profile was the successful currency conversion project implemented by USAID and their highly regarded contractors. For this lightning paced program on behalf of Da Afghanistan Bank, Logenix arranged for the virtually overnight transit of incinerators, shredders, and other equipment into Kabul from origins around the world. Additionally, specially outfitted MI-8 helicopters were leased and positioned to execute the complicated conversion process.

"Logenix work on behalf of USAID for the reconstruction of Iraq has begun in many facets, most notably as a member of the Theatre Logistical Support team.

"In support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Logenix operated virtually 24-7 for four months. During this time, we arranged and transited over 3000 metric tons of equipment and humanitarian assistance via ocean and air. Twenty-six air charters, utilizing six different types of the world's largest aircraft, were completed to seven different Middle East locations. Logenix became the first logistics company in the United States to commercially charter the Antonov 225, the world's largest, heaviest, and only aircraft of its type."



5285 Shawnee Road, Suite 320
Alexandria, VA 22312
Tel: 703-256-4885
Fax: 703-256-2834
Web: http://www.logenix-intl.com

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