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According to a 2017 report in the Guardian " The London Forum held five meetings last year, the latest in September, with speakers including Holocaust denier David Irving and US far right writer F. Roger Devlin who contributes to the white nationalist journal Occidental Quarterly. Other Britons who addressed the NPI event in Washington included Matthew Tait, a former British National Party organiser who organised a series of “alt-right” socials in Holborn, London, at the end of last year." [1]

The London Forum has hosted: Kevin Macdonald, David Irving , Mark Weber , Jeremy ‘Jez’ Bedford-Turner – Founder of the IONA London Forum, Andrew Brons, Jonathan Bowden, Jared Taylor, Peter Rushton , Tomislav Sunic, Arthur Kemp , Alain de Benoist , Norman Lowell , Jack Sen , Aleksandr Dugin, Lady Michele Renouf [2] Also Shahin Nezhad , Jason Jorjani

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  • The New York Forum was formed in 2016 and was modeled on the London Forum, which is the now the most important organization in the British Nationalist scene after the collapse of the British National Party and the subsequent wave of party fatigue.