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Louis Henkin married to Alice H. Henkin

"Prof. Henkin works tirelessly outside the ivory tower. His scholarship influences judges, legislators, and politicians. In addition to a long publication list, he has written amicus briefs, advised human rights NGOs, and led organizations committed to promoting international relations on the basis of law and justice. From 1992-94 he served as president of the American Society of International Law, whose American Journal of International Law he co-edited from 1976-84. He is also a charter member of Human Rights First, founded in 1978 as the Lawyers Commit­tee for Human Rights...

"Prof. Henkin has maintained his optimism and ideals even when progress seemed slow. His wife, Alice Henkin, a human rights attor­ney herself and the director of the Justice and Society Program at the Aspen Institute, says: “Lou once told me he’d heard that the world is divided between star-gazers and basket-weavers. I’m a basket-weaver; he’s a star-gazer.”" [1]


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