Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera

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Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera (Costa Rica). "Professor of History and Political Sciences and associate dean of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Costa Rica. His academic background includes having been Fulbright Scholar at the Michigan University and associate Researcher at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies of the Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. He is member of the editorial board of Foreign Affairs en Español, Global Governance and Espacios, and he is regular contributor to the media in his country. As diplomat, Solís served as Cabinet Chief of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Religion of Costa Rica between 1986-1990 and as ambassador for Central American Affairs and then director general of foreign policy from 1994 to 1998. At present, professor Solís is technical manager of the cross-border, environment and security cooperation program in Central America implemented by the Foundation for Peace and Democracy (FUNPADEM) under the auspices of the Ford and McArthur Foundations." [1]