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Luma Al-tamimi "was born in Naseriah, Iraq. She had to leave the country after participating in the 1991 uprising against Saddam's Regime. After living in the desert for five months she settled in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia as a refuge. In Saudia Arabia she was involved in activities to help Iraqi people financially and promoting a free Iraq. Mean while she studied computer science in Saudia Arabia.

"In 1996 she immigrated to Canada. In Canada she completed studying mechanical and Automotive engineering. She worked in different automotive companies as a design engineer.

"Luma has been involved in many political and social organizations. She is a core-member and 2005 Director of the Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq organization (WAFDI). She is WAFDI financial director where she provides the quarterly financial report. She is in charge of WAFDI sewing machine projects to assist Iraqis widows economically.

"Also, she is the president of Iraqi Canadian Partnership of Democracy Organization where her tasks are: spread the democratic morals and equality for the Iraqi People both in Canada and Iraq. Coordinate conferences, public events and meetings; Developing and fostering community spirit such as organizing cultural and recreational events, Assist Iraqi families in Canada with adapting to Canadian society.

"In addition, she is a member of Iraqi Canadian Councilor organization, Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) and Arabic Canadian Professional Engineering (ACAPE).

"Luma had appeared for many TV and Radio interviews regarding the Iraq election and women's right in the Iraqi constitution." [1]

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