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M+R Strategic Services is a Washington D.C.-based PR firm.

M&R is a PR/lobby business begun and owned in part by Donald K. Ross, an advisor to foundations who is on the board of the League of Conservation Voters and the chair of the board of Greenpeace USA (which is registered as Greenpeace Incorporated).

Helping DuPont

DuPont hired M&R Strategic Services in the U.S. M&R does business with dozens of major health and environmental non-profits, many of them funded by the individuals and foundations he advises. In 2002 M&R sent an urgent appeal to groups asking them to sign a joint letter to President Bush calling for "a major national initiative to end childhood lead poisoning." However, M&R's appeal failed to reveal that M&R works for DuPont.[1]


Principals and Senior Managers

Clients Among Political Campaigns and Elected Officials

Its website stated, up until January 2008, that "M+R's clients include state and local candidates for elected office, ballot initiative campaigns, and political action committees. A list of our electoral clients is available upon request. Please contact Debra Rosen, (drosen(AT)mrss.com) for more information about our electoral work."[3]


M+R discloses an extensive list of some of its clients on its website including:[4]

Contact Details

2120 L Street, NW Sixth Floor
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202.223.9541
Fax: 202.223.9579
Web: http://www.mrss.com/

Articles and Resources


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