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A PR firm that claims to apply "social science" to solving the problems of its clients, who include prominent names in the liquor and restaurant industries. "Do your PR initiatives sometimes look too much like PR initiatives?" asked MCM's website in a straightforward boast of its ability to deceive the public. "MCM conducts social/psychological research on the positive aspects of your business," the website continued. "The results do not read like PR literature, or like market research data. Our reports are credible, interesting and entertaining in their own right. This is why they capture the imagination of the media and your customers."

MCM Research appears to operate the Social Issues Research Centre [1].


  • Dr Peter Marsh - Managing Director
  • Kate Fox - Consultant
  • Simon Bradley - Research Director
  • Francesca Kenny - Senior Research Associate


Many clients from the drink industry, including

  • The Portman Group
  • Whitbread Inns
  • Pubmaster
  • Kingfisher leisure
  • Bass Taverns


  • Conoco
  • Prudential
  • Consumer Analysis Group