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The Metta Center for Nonviolence Education (metta means loving-kindness in Sanskrit) "is a nonprofit organization focused on exploring the potential of nonviolence to address individual, societal and global needs." [1]

"The Metta Center was established in 1982 at the suggestion of Sri Eknath Easwaran, a world-renowned meditation teacher, with the mission of addressing the problem of violence in society and furthering understanding of nonviolence. Originally named the Marin Experimental Teaching, Training and Advising Center, the Metta Center has undertaken a variety of projects during the last 20 years, including publishing the Gardenia Journal of Nonviolence, advocating for the release from jail of Badshah Khan (Muslim nonviolent leader and close friend of Mahatma Gandhi), and supporting efforts to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

"The Metta Center is a nonprofit organization under the fiscal sponsorship of the San Francisco Study Center (SFSC)." [2]


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