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According to the MILCOM web site, "MILCOM conceives, creates, and launches technology companies in partnership with defense contractors, commercial companies, federal laboratories and other leading-edge research and development sources. In addition, MILCOM Venture Partners can provide support and capital for mergers, acquisitions and investments in mature ventures.

"In the past five years, MILCOM has created eleven high-tech companies, which have attracted over $500M in venture capital. Our Technology Partners include major defense contractors, federal labs, and Fortune 500 commercial companies. We work with our Technology Partners to create market-dominant companies that develop disruptive products and applications that answer critical market needs. Our proprietary technology commercialization model includes extensive market analysis and technology research that is fundamental to each affiliate company we create. As such, we are able to mitigate risks normally associated with developing new commercial ventures and at the same time provide improved returns than those normally associated with early stage investing.

"The MILCOM technology commercialization process provides for: identification of large emerging markets; determination of inherent technology gaps; identification and qualification of proven and protected technologies; assembly of technical and commercial experts to map and execute solutions; creations, launch, growth and funding of an affiliate company; and finally operational execution.

"In addition to creating new companies, MILCOM also assists established ventures or businesses through MILCOM Venture Partners. Our Venture Partners include top tier private equity and investment banking organizations that are eager to engage in more mature investment opportunities.

"Our ultimate mission is to ensure that our Technology Partners, Venture Partners and shareholders reap substantial economic benefits from the services provided by MILCOM."

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