March for Women's Lives

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The March for Women's Lives took place on April 25, 2004, in Washington, D.C.

"Hundreds of thousands of people turned out on an overcast, cool day for the March for Women's Lives, an abortion rights rally whose message had been broadened to include other women's concerns about reproductive and child-bearing and nurturing rights," according to the Washington Post. [1]

Karen P. Hughes sounded another chord in Bush's "culture war" with her remarks about the Sunday, April 25, 2004, March for Women's Lives [2] by thousands of men and women in Washington. In "Pro-choice, anti-exploitation," cites Hughes:

"I think that after September 11, the American people are valuing life more and we need policies to value the dignity and worth of every life. President Bush has worked to say, 'let's be reasonable, let's work to value life, let's reduce the number of abortions, let's increase adoptions.' And I think those are the kinds of policies the American people can support, particularly at a time when we're facing an enemy and, really, the fundamental issue between us and the terror network we fight is that we value every life."